If you are 13-26 weeks pregnant and aren’t sure what to do, rest assured you have options. Abortion, adoption, and parenting are possibilities available to you. As you consider what’s next, know you aren’t alone. Free and confidential resources are available right here in Baldwin County. 

What If I’m Not Sure What’s Right For Me and My Pregnancy? 

Abortion, adoption, and parenting are all big decisions. Naturally, you may feel unsure how to proceed. We know that big decisions take time, and we understand circumstances change. 

We’re Here to Listen.

Maybe you’ve been planning to carry your pregnancy to term, but your partner left, or your finances took a turn. Perhaps you’ve received an unexpected medical diagnosis. Maybe you just found out you’re pregnant—or you’ve known for a while but are undecided about whether you’re ready to be a parent.

Our consultants are here to listen and help you navigate whatever you are facing, no matter your situation. Learning more about your options is an excellent first step.

Your Second-Trimester Pregnancy Options in Baldwin County

Abortion in Alabama

If you are early in your second trimester of pregnancy, you may have the option of surgical abortion after a state-mandated waiting period. Before having an abortion, you’ll need to have an ultrasound to confirm viability and how far along you are. You may also want to consider STD testing and treatment before an abortion to avoid a possible increased risk of PID

How We Can Help

Our medical team can provide a pre-abortion screening (including an ultrasound, STD testing, and STD treatment) at no charge. We can also answer questions about abortion procedures or side effects.

Adoption Plans 

You can make an adoption plan at any point during pregnancy. When a birth parent makes an adoption plan, she can choose an adoptive family for her child and decide on the level of contact she would like to have in the future.  

How We Can Help

Our team can talk with you about the adoption process and walk along in your decision-making journey. If it’s an option you’d like to explore, we can help connect you to a reputable adoption specialist that best meets your needs.


You may be trying to figure out if you’re ready to become a parent right now, either again or for the first time. It’s important to be honest with yourself about the questions you have. It may also help to realize that all parents have fears and doubts, no matter where they are in life. 

How We Can Help

If you’re considering the option of parenting, our consultants can help you process your questions and concerns. We can also provide information about parenting resources, material assistance, and other support that is available locally. 

Navigating What’s Next

What you’re going through isn’t easy. That’s why we are here to support you in navigating your second-trimester pregnancy questions. 

Free Options Consultations in Baldwin County, AL

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