Adoption can look different for everyone. That’s because there is a variety of adoption plans that offer women the flexibility and freedom to choose the one that fits their desired lifestyle.

Each woman is unique, as is each adoptive couple and child. If you choose adoption, you, as the birth mother, can decide what this choice will look like for you!

Why Do Some Women Choose Adoption?

Women from all different walks of life have chosen adoption and each may have her own reason. Some feel called to it, others want to provide a hopeful couple the opportunity to complete their family, and still others might find it’s what fits their life best.

Other reasons women might choose adoption are:

  • They aren’t sure they want an abortion, but they know they’re not ready to be parents.
  • They want their children to be raised in two-parent families.
  • They’re not in a place to provide their children with emotional and financial stability.

While abortion can be a bittersweet decision, women have the opportunity to be a part of their child’s life story through a tailored adoption plan.


We can provide you with more information on adoption and even refer you to an adoption professional. We will help you understand your options and how to move forward.


As the expectant mother, you make the decisions about your adoption plan. There are several adoption plans you can choose from.

  • Open Adoption Plan: Open adoption is the most common plan. It gives both the birth mother and the adoptive family open access to one another. You exchange identifying information such as full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. You can communicate freely, set up visits, and build a relationship with everyone. It can help you feel connected.
  • Closed Adoption Plan: The birth mother and the adoptive family remain completely anonymous with a closed adoption plan. After the adoption is finalized, the child’s original birth certificate is sealed to protect the birth mother’s full name and any other identifying information. Some women feel this plan helps them move on with their lives. It can also be necessary if there are concerns about the child’s safety due to a toxic relationship.
  • Semi-Open Adoption Plan: A semi-open adoption plan is somewhere in between the first two plans. You have the ability to contact the adoptive family and your child, but all communication takes place through the adoption organization you’ve chosen.


In order to adopt, couples go through a long process of background and criminal checks, filling out questionnaires, providing photos, and having a home study to make sure they’re prepared to receive a child. 

You’ll have the opportunity to choose the adoptive couple you’re looking for. Your criteria can be as specific as you’d like. You can consider the type of religion you wish the adoptive family to be, their location, hobbies, education level, and more.

With your priorities and preferences in mind, you’ll be able to look through portfolios of potential adoptive families to find the right fit.


Only you know your situation and what’s best for you and your child. No one would ever say choosing adoption is easy. It’s a challenging decision and an amazing act of love and sacrifice. 

If you believe adoption might be right for you, contact us today. There’s so much more to learn about this option.

We encourage you to take your time, get as much information as possible, and make sure your questions are answered. We want to help you make a confident decision. Together, we can discuss all of your pregnancy options.

Adoption can be one of the hardest things to do, but sometimes the hardest thing and the best thing are the same.

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