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  • Can Women Die If They Can’t Have An Abortion?
    The conversation around abortion can be tricky at times. News coverage today has made it difficult to understand abortion language and know what’s true or not. We want to help you better understand possible pregnancy complications and assure you that women won’t die if they can’t access abortion. One key point to keep in mind:…
  • Can You Still Get an Abortion in Alabama?
    Deciding what to do about your unplanned pregnancy can be tough– especially amidst the confusion surrounding changes in abortion laws nationwide. What options do you have in the state of Alabama?  Unless your life is at risk, abortion is not on that list.  What Are the New Abortion Laws in Alabama? Alabama has some of…
  • What are the Warning Signs of Infection After Abortion?
    With abortion comes risks, including the risk of infection. It’s essential to know what signs to look for if you suspect any complications after your abortion.  Some warning signs of infection could include fever or heavy bleeding after an abortion. Talk to a medical professional right away if you suspect infection or complication. According to…

Everyone was friendly and supportive! Clean and calming atmosphere, I love this place!

– Client, age 22

I just really appreciate how at ease I feel here with the women.

– Client, age 24

Nice friendly staff and atmosphere. Everyone had smiles.

– Client, age 21

I love that everyone is kind and that the lady prayed with me. I think y’all are perfect.

– Client, age 27

Everyone is extremely nice and I can feel a warmth here.

– Client, age 35

Wanted to take a moment to say Thank You! All of you ladies have given me a safe and comfortable place to come when I needed it. The caring help, prayers and encouragement has meant so much to me. The world is better with you ladies in it!

– Client, age 31

We are here for you