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  • Is Abortion Painful?
    Whether an abortion is painful depends on each woman and her individual pain tolerance. Some may find it to be quite painful, while others may feel just a little discomfort.  The level of pain associated with an abortion depends on a variety of factors, including:  Patient’s pain tolerance  Type of abortion procedure Anesthesia and pain…
  • How Does an Ultrasound Work?
    You may wonder what an ultrasound is and why you need one. An ultrasound is an essential piece of the pregnancy confirmation process. We know how overwhelming a pregnancy decision can be, but getting an ultrasound will give you some clarity for your next steps. What is a Prenatal Ultrasound? A prenatal ultrasound is a…
  • Will I Have A Relationship With My Child If I Place Them For Adoption?
    Adoption looks different from state to state and even agency to agency. No matter which agency you work with, adoption plans are based on the amount of contact you want with your child.  If you’re hoping to build a relationship with your child after placing them, choose an open adoption plan. Types of Adoption Plans…

Everyone was friendly and supportive! Clean and calming atmosphere, I love this place!

– Client, age 22

I just really appreciate how at ease I feel here with the women.

– Client, age 24

Nice friendly staff and atmosphere. Everyone had smiles.

– Client, age 21

I love that everyone is kind and that the lady prayed with me. I think y’all are perfect.

– Client, age 27

Everyone is extremely nice and I can feel a warmth here.

– Client, age 35

Wanted to take a moment to say Thank You! All of you ladies have given me a safe and comfortable place to come when I needed it. The caring help, prayers and encouragement has meant so much to me. The world is better with you ladies in it!

– Client, age 31

We are here for you