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1.  Are You Really Pregnant?

The pregnancy test says you’re pregnant, but that doesn’t always mean you really are, or will stay, pregnant.  Before you decide to terminate your pregnancy, it can save you a lot of time and money to first find out if the pregnancy is viable.  A “viable” pregnancy means that the baby is implanted in the uterus and there is a heartbeat.  According to the Mayo Clinic, about 10%-20% of all known pregnancies end in miscarriage. Another 2% are ectopic pregnancies meaning the embryo is growing in the wrong place outside the womb.  So before you go through the unnecessary medical procedure of having an abortion, make sure your pregnancy is viable.   We can do that for you at no charge to you. 

WCMC provides free lab-certified pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to confirm the viability of your pregnancy and determine how far along you are.

2.  You Have Options.

I know it may feel like abortion is your only option, especially when you absolutely do not want to be pregnant.  You may be thinking there is no way you can have a baby right now.  You can’t afford a baby.  You have school or work to think about.  The father of the baby may leave you.  You feel pressured from family, friends and/or the father.  You can’t handle the stress.  There are many reasons women consider abortion, but whatever may be going through your head, it’s important to take some time, do some research and make a fully informed decision you can live with.  Having all the facts will empower you to make the best pregnancy decision for you.  

Talking to a trusted advocate and licensed medical professional can give you peace about your decision.  Abortion is a major, medical decision that involves your body.  You owe it to yourself to have complete and accurate information.  We offer judgment-free and unbiased options counseling in a safe and confidential environment.  We’re only one click away.  Schedule a free options consultation today.

3.  There Are Multiple Types of Abortion Procedures.

There are multiple types of abortion procedures.  The type you get and how much it costs depends almost entirely on how far along you are.   It’s important to get pre-screened prior to scheduling an abortion to determine gestational age and viability of your pregnancy.  WCMC offers this pre-screening service at no charge.   

Types of Abortions:

Medical Abortion (1st Trimester – up to 10 weeks):

  • The Abortion Pill (also known as RU-486):  This type of abortion involves 2 doses of medication.  The first, Mifeprex (Mifepristone), is designed to end the pregnancy.  The second, Misoprostol, is given to induce labor, causing cramping and bleeding, which completes the abortion and expels the embryo.  For medication abortions that do not go as intended, an aspiration abortion may be necessary.

Surgical Abortion

  • Vacuum Aspiration (5-14 weeks after last menstrual period):  Depending on how far along in their pregnancy, a patient’s cervix may need to be dilated.  A plastic tube is then inserted through the cervix and into the uterus.  The embryo or fetus is then removed by suction, attached to either a hand-held syringe or a machine operated pump.  Local or general anesthesia is required.
  • Dilation and Evacuation (2nd trimester): Also referred to as a D&E, this type of abortion requires the uses of forceps to remove the fetus from the patient’s uterus.  This is carried out under general anesthetic.  
  • Labor Induction Abortion (2nd and 3rd Trimester): This abortion procedure ends a pregnancy by first causing the death of a fetus through a lethal dose of a chemical.  The patient is then induced to labor and delivers the fetus.

All abortion procedures have risks and potential for complications.  So before you schedule an abortion, get pre-screened and talk through these types of abortions with one of our trained, medical professionals.  

4.  It’s Your Body, Your Decision

You should not let anyone pressure you into a decision you’re not comfortable with.  People tend to have very strong feelings about what you should or should not do concerning your pregnancy, but remember, it’s your pregnancy.  And what you decide to do will forever change your life.  So take a deep breath and give yourself some time to think.  A decision this big deserves to be made with peace, not panic.  

You don’t have to walk through this alone.  We are here to support you.  Our pregnancy consultants are compassionate women you can trust and respect and who care about you.  Call us today and make an appointment.

Sources: Mayo Clinic, March of Dimes and American Pregnancy Association.

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