Some women will experience an unplanned pregnancy if their birth control has failed. For many women, this can be a very frightening time. It is important to remember that you have options, and you are not alone. 

It is vital to have an understanding of all of the options available to you. 

What Should I Do?

The first thing to remember is not to panic. Birth control isn’t 100% effective, and it’s important that you are level-headed as you consider the decision you’d like to make. 

Next, you will want to confirm your pregnancy to ensure that you are indeed pregnant. This can be done with a lab-quality pregnancy test and ultrasound to determine whether your pregnancy is viable and how far along you are. 

You will now need to consider your options, which are abortion, adoption, and parenting. If you plan to terminate your pregnancy, it is important that you know the possible risks and complications that may occur, as well as the types of abortion procedures that are available to you.

Adoption and parenting have their own challenges, but they do allow you the opportunity to have a relationship with your child. In fact, during an open adoption, you are able to make arrangements with the child’s adoptive family and remain in contact with them. Or, you can choose to place your child within a loving family, but you remain anonymous. All adoption records are sealed. 

Parenting can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be very challenging. At Women’s Care Medical Center, we provide material assistance to ensure that you have everything you need for your new baby. We also offer parenting classes and a Man-to-Man Program, which assists fathers in learning how to care for their children.

Have More Questions?

Have more questions about your pregnancy options or need to confirm that you are indeed pregnant? We can help. It is important that you do not make a decision without weighing the risks and benefits of each choice. 

To confirm your pregnancy, we offer lab-certified urine tests that are 99% accurate. We also offer limited obstetrical ultrasounds that can determine whether you have a viable pregnancy and what gestational age you are at. These ultrasounds are especially important, because they help us to receive important information about your pregnancy. 

Unsure of what options are available to you, or interested in learning more about abortion, adoption, or parenting? At Women’s Care Medical Center, we offer an options consultation, as well as the education and resources needed to give you peace of mind.

All of these services are offered at no cost to you. Remember, you are not alone during this journey. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at our center! 

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