If you’re pregnant and your partner is abusive, the first thing to do is take a deep breath. You and your baby deserve to be in a safe environment, and there are steps you can take to move forward. 

It is important to note that abuse can be emotional, physical, or sexual. Abuse of any kind is never okay and not your fault. You deserve help!

Who Can I Talk To About This?

One of the first things you can do on this path toward safety is to identify a support person. Who among your friends or family is someone you can talk to and share this with? Speaking with a trusted person is an excellent way to get support during this difficult time, as well as begin to put a plan in place for the future.

Another thing you can do is speak with a professional. It is normal to feel scared, and speaking with someone who has experience working with victims of abuse will help you to get the care you need. You can also call the National Domestic Violent Hotline at (800) 799-SAFE (7233) to immediately connect with a professional.

Does Your Partner Know About Your Pregnancy?

Making the decision to tell your partner that you’re pregnant is your choice, but it’s important to take your safety into consideration. If you feel that your partner will not lash out when you tell them, consider breaking the news in a public place for your protection. 

If you believe your partner may harm you once you’ve told them that you are pregnant, remember that you do not have to share this news with them. This is your pregnancy, and you and your baby deserve to be protected from harm. 

Have A Safety Plan in Place

Having an abusive partner can have serious health consequences for you and your baby. Abuse can increase your risk of experiencing a miscarriage or preterm labor, as well as other issues. 

Consider creating a safety plan. Pack a bag with toiletries, clothes your Social Security card, credit cards, banking information, and passport. Leave the bag at a trusted friend or family’s home if you need to leave quickly. 

If your partner has harmed you in any way, don’t wait to get help. Contact your support person, police, or National Domestic Violence Hotline immediately. 

Need Someone to Talk To?

If you are pregnant and experiencing relationship issues, speaking to someone is essential. At Women’s Care Medical Center, we would be happy to connect you with the community resources you need to give you and your baby a fresh start. 
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