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Nine months goes fast.  Maybe you just found out your pregnant and you’re still trying to wrap your mind around the shocking news.  Or maybe you’re already into your 3rd trimester, wondering if you’ll ever be able to see your feet again.  Either way, nine months is all you get to prepare for this adventure called parenthood.  

Bringing home a newborn from the hospital can be scary.  The thought of having such a tiny, vulnerable human being that is solely dependent upon you to care and provide for can be terrifying.  We want you to know, you can do this!  We’ve got your back and are here to help.

Parenting is a challenge, whether you’re a new mom or a veteran at motherhood.  You may have a hundred questions, such as:

  • Is breastfeeding better or should I bottle feed?
  • Should I feed on a schedule or on demand?
  • How often do I need to change his diaper?
  • Do I rock her to sleep or let him learn to self soothe?
  • What if she cries a lot?
  • What if he has colic?
  • What is colic?
  • And on and on. . . .

First, take a deep breath.  You do not have to figure it all out overnight.  Parenting, much like life, is a journey; one you will learn and grow as you go.  It’s good to have a parenting plan, but not all plans go the way we hope.  Every child is uniquely made.  Something that works well for one baby may or may not work well for another.  But remember, just as every child is uniquely made, you were uniquely created to be that child’s parent.  So if anyone can handle this parenting thing, you can!

Although, every child is unique, with his or her own unique needs and personality, there are basic parenting skills every new parent should have.  The more knowledge you have on parenting, the more confidence you will have to parent.  At Women’s Care Medical Center, we offer free parenting classes for both men and women.  These classes are designed to teach you the fundamentals of parenting, how to identify important milestones and benchmarks in your child’s development, and how to build a long-lasting foundation for your child to thrive, physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

If you’re interested in participating in our parenting classes, schedule an appointment today. Our parenting program consists of 6 sessions, offered both individually or in a group setting.  Upon completion of the program, participants earn a new layette set and car seat for their newborn.  

Don’t wait to sign up for classes.  Nine months goes fast!  The thought of becoming a parent may be overwhelming and terrifying, but it doesn’t have to be.  We can help you get prepared for an incredible, fulfilling, challenging, well-worth-it journey into parenthood!  Call us today!

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