Abortion is a challenging process and a deeply personal choice. Maybe it’s something that you don’t want to go through again. Whatever the reason, you don’t have to worry because abortion is not the only option. 

There is an option that can still give you the personal freedom you may want. 


Adoption can be a beautiful but often difficult option that takes a lot of courage. However, adoption has developed over the years and allows you to maintain the freedom you may want. 

There are various adoption options as well. The main difference in these options is the amount of communication you would like to have (if any) with the child throughout their life. 

The different options for adoption include open, semi-open, and closed. Here is a breakdown of what each option offers:

  • Open Adoption: This is the most popular option today. With this option, you have completely open communication between you, the child, and the adoptive family
  • Semi-adoption: With this option, you can still communicate with the child, but you decide how much and how often, and it is regulated by a third party.
  • Closed: With a closed option, there is no communication between you, the child, or the adoptive family. You remain completely anonymous, with the identifying documents being legally sealed. 

Adoption Benefits for You

There can be many benefits to you in choosing adoption:

  • Financial: Raising children can be expensive, and adoption can help ease any financial burdens you may worry about with having a child
  • Emotional: New parents can often feel mentally and emotionally exhausted trying to maintain a work-life balance and provide for all of their child’s needs
  • Time: Adoption can also allow you to maintain the freedom of personal time that you have in your current life
  • Peace of Mind: One of the best benefits is knowing that the child will have a bright future with a family that can provide for them at this time.
  • The Joy of Help: Many families cannot have children due to circumstances beyond their control. True joy can be experienced by providing a loving couple with the opportunity to grow their family. 


Maybe you’re also thinking about the beautiful and courageous option that many women make: raising a child. While this is not easy, the joy and love experienced in raising a child are beyond measure.

Work, school, or even your family may be causing you to second-guess this option. Know that numerous programs already exist to help new and even expecting families, as well as places like Women’s Care Medical Center that can help provide answers and resources for all of your questions.

Still Not Sure?

Whatever the reason may be, parenting and adoption can feel terrifying to think about, but we can help. 

Contact us today for free and confidential options counseling. We’re here for you as you walk on this journey!

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