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Telling your partner you’re pregnant and that you want an abortion can feel daunting, but it’s important if you are considering this decision.

Even though legally you are not required to get your partner’s consent before an abortion, you may consider hearing their thoughts beforehand. In this blog, we give some practical ways to share the news with your partner, if you decide to do so.

Breaking the News

First breaking the news of your pregnancy to your partner is stressful enough and then telling him you want an abortion can be even more complicated.

Even though it can feel challenging to share your thoughts with your partner, they do have some say when it comes to a pregnancy decision. You both have important roles when it comes to your pregnancy decision and it will impact both of your futures.

Do Your Best to Listen Well

Things can get messy when bringing up a pregnancy decision. Try your best when sharing the news to remain cool, calm, and collected. Explain how you came to the possible decision of abortion and why.

Once you’ve shared your heart, listen to your partner. They will probably have a lot to say as well. Depending on their way of processing, some could be sooner to respond than others.  Listening is key.

Consider their input, as it may surprise you and offer you something else to think about when it comes to your decision. 

Your Safety Matters

We do want to note that if you feel uncomfortable when it comes to sharing this with your partner (due to any form of verbal or physical harm), it’s best to keep your distance. 

It’s important to not put yourself in danger if you feel like your partner’s reaction will not be appropriate. If you don’t feel safe talking with your partner, you can talk with us today in a safe and non-judgmental environment. 

You may also want to speak with another person you trust, a close friend or family member. 

Receive Extra Support

Our compassionate team is here to offer you more education on your options. Be sure to confirm your pregnancy with pregnancy testing and ultrasound at our center. Schedule a free and confidential appointment today.

You are not alone and are braver than you know. We are here to help!

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