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How Does an Ultrasound Work?

You just found out you’re pregnant and are considering scheduling an appointment for an ultrasound scan. However, you may still be curious about how ultrasounds work, whether they’re safe, and where you can find quality care that’s affordable. We’ve got you covered! Keep reading for guidance on ultrasounds and they are essential in ensuring your

This woman is wondering what are my second-trimester pregnancy options?


If you are 13-26 weeks pregnant and aren’t sure what to do, rest assured you have options. Abortion, adoption, and parenting are possibilities available to you. As you consider what’s next, know you aren’t alone. Free and confidential resources are available right here in Baldwin County.  What If I’m Not Sure What’s Right For Me

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From Pregnancy to Parenting

Nine months goes fast.  Maybe you just found out your pregnant and you’re still trying to wrap your mind around the shocking news.  Or maybe you’re already into your 3rd trimester, wondering if you’ll ever be able to see your feet again.  Either way, nine months is all you get to prepare for this adventure

Things to Consider Before Scheduling an Abortion

1.  Are You Really Pregnant? The pregnancy test says you’re pregnant, but that doesn’t always mean you really are, or will stay, pregnant.  Before you decide to terminate your pregnancy, it can save you a lot of time and money to first find out if the pregnancy is viable.  A “viable” pregnancy means that the