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An incomplete abortion can come with many signs. Some common signs of incomplete abortion are moderate or severe vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain.  If it is confirmed by a medical professional that you are experiencing an incomplete abortion, a medical procedure will likely be done to prevent further health risks.  If you think you could

Is It Possible To Reverse an Abortion?

Yes – it may not be too late for your pregnancy! Many times, women regret taking the abortion pill and reverse the effects of the first drug in the process – Mifepristone. In this blog, we will share how the reversal process works. We will direct you on how to get started as soon as

This woman wants more info on the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, separating fact from fiction.


A lot has changed in the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade in our nation. Sometimes it’s difficult to separate fact from fiction. With all the noise of the media on each side, here is what you need to know about abortion access changes in your state.  Is Abortion Completely Banned? The simple answer is:

Can Women Die If They Can't Have An Abortion?

Can Women Die If They Can’t Have An Abortion?

The conversation around abortion can be tricky at times. News coverage today has made it difficult to understand abortion language and know what’s true or not. We want to help you better understand possible pregnancy complications and assure you that women won’t die if they can’t access abortion. One key point to keep in mind:

Can you Still Get an Abortion in Alabama?

Can You Still Get an Abortion in Alabama?

Deciding what to do about your unplanned pregnancy can be tough– especially amidst the confusion surrounding changes in abortion laws nationwide. What options do you have in the state of Alabama?  Unless your life is at risk, abortion is not on that list.  What Are the New Abortion Laws in Alabama? Alabama has some of

Here is a woman wondering What are the Warning Signs of Infection After Abortion?

What are the Warning Signs of Infection After Abortion?

With abortion comes risks, including the risk of infection. It’s essential to know what signs to look for if you suspect any complications after your abortion.  Some warning signs of infection could include fever or heavy bleeding after an abortion. Talk to a medical professional right away if you suspect infection or complication. According to

Here is a woman wondering What is a Medical Abortion?

What is a Medical Abortion?

You may have many questions and fears after seeing a positive sign come up on your pregnancy test. If you are thinking of abortion you could wonder what the difference is between medical abortion, the abortion pill, and surgical abortion. In this blog, we share exactly what a medical abortion is, how it works, and

Here is a woman wondering How an Adoption Plan Can Prevent Depression Caused by Abortion

How an Adoption Plan Can Prevent Depression Caused by Abortion

An unplanned pregnancy can seem overwhelming, but you are not alone. Though you may be hesitant to parent, an adoption plan can prevent depression caused by abortion by preventing the more long-term effects of abortion.  Though adoption is still not easy, there are more upsides to this option when it comes to your long-term mental

This woman is wondering can she buy the abortion pill online?


You may be wondering, “Can I buy the abortion pill online?” The answer is yes. The abortion pill is available to purchase online and be delivered to your doorstep. Still, some important caveats are vital for you to know before deciding to order a drug online.  The abortion pill is only safe to use when

What are the different types of abortion?

There are two main types of abortions:



One may be chosen depending on the pregnany’s gestational age, your health history, preference, and other medical factors.

What are Signs of Uterine Damage After Abortion?

Uterine damage is one of the major physical risks of getting an abortion. It can be more likely when going through certain types of abortion. However, signs of injury or complication after an abortion can include the following: Signs to Watch For After Abortion Other complications after an abortion include incomplete abortion (requiring another abortion

 How Will Pregnancy Affect Me Mentally?

Upon learning that you are pregnant, you may feel a variety of emotions. Some women feel overwhelmed and scared, while others are excited and happy. There is no right or wrong way to feel; all of these emotions are valid! How Will I Feel? Some women discover that their moods fluctuate while they are pregnant.

7 Top Pregnancy Symptoms

Every woman experiences pregnancy differently. Some women don’t notice pregnancy symptoms, while others are overwhelmed with many symptoms.  Though symptoms can vary, there are symptoms that are commonly associated with pregnancy. Keep reading to learn about the top 7 pregnancy symptoms. 1. Missed period- When a pregnancy implants in a woman’s body, it releases a