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It can be nerve-wracking to take a pregnancy test. So many “what-ifs” might go through your mind in a split second. It can cause you to feel frozen with fear and unsure of how to move forward. But at Women’s Care Medical Center, you’re not alone.

We will help you find the peace of mind you deserve by providing free, early pregnancy services and support.

Pregnancy testing is the first step to getting the answers you need to plan your next move. We offer this service free of charge so you can learn more about your options. If you receive a positive result, we will be here to assist you and answer any questions.

When Should I Test?

Usually, it’s best to wait to take a pregnancy test until after missing your first period. However, you can still test earlier. The risk of testing too early is the possibility of getting a false negative. Taking a test at the right time will improve accuracy because the pregnancy hormone will have had time to rise to detectable levels.

If you believe you may be pregnant, we welcome you to our medical center for free pregnancy testing. We’ll be able to learn more about your unique situation and discuss if you’ll need a retest. If you decide to retest, any subsequent pregnancy testing will remain cost-free.

How Does Pregnancy Testing Work?

Pregnancy testing detects a hormone that’s only present during pregnancy. This hormone is called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, or hCG. This hormone begins to build rapidly after conception. When the hormone reaches a certain level, pregnancy testing will detect the presence of hCG and provide a positive result. If the hormone is not detected, it will respond with a negative result.

As mentioned earlier, if a woman tests too early, a false negative can result. False results can also happen with user error. That’s why it can be valuable to test at a qualified medical facility with trained staff who can listen to a short health history, ensure the test is administered correctly, and read the results with a trained eye.

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We welcome you to make a free, confidential appointment today to receive the clarity you deserve. We’re here for you!

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